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A Guide to Ski Passes in Tignes and Val d’Isere

Arranging lift passes can be a complicated process and a hassle, particularly when there are so many options to choose from! The Espace Killy Pass includes all of Tignes and Val d’Isere giving you 300km of pisted runs and 90 ski lifts. This blog will explain exactly what ski passes are the best suited for different groups, and how we at Chalet Chardons can help make the process easier.

How can we help?

When you book with Chalet Chardons and are staying at one of our lovely chalets, we want to make sure your holiday is the best it possibly can be. Part of this involves arranging for all of your ski passes to be ready for your arrival. This means that there’s no waiting about and you can hit the slopes without the added hassle of having to collect your ski passes from the lift pass office. After all, no one likes waiting in a queue, and the less hassle there is, the more ski time you can enjoy!

By ordering your lift passes in advance of your arrival, you can plan which ski passes are the best suited to your party.

A full list of ski pass variations and prices can be found on our website here.

And now let’s explain the various different options so that you can make the most of your ski holiday.

Standard Discounts

When ordering your passes, there are standard discounted prices for children and senior citizens.

To qualify for the child pass, kids must be aged between 5 to 13 years old.

For seniors, any person aged between 65 to 74 qualifies.


An option for those travelling in a group with a mixture of ages is to purchase a Tribu Winter Pass, which is basically a family pass and is a great saver.

To qualify for a Tribu pass, the ‘tribe’ must consist of:

  • 1 adult and a minimum of 3 children/teenagers/students
  • 2 adults and a minimum of 2 children/teenagers/students

Adults in this offer are people from 22 to 74 years old, teenagers and students must be aged between 14 to 21 years old, and children must be aged between 5 to 13 years old.

A ‘tribe’ must therefore purchase a minimum of 4 ski passes and a maximum of 7 ski passes for the same duration (from 6 to 13 days). This deal is consequently perfect for families of four to seven members.

If these conditions are met, each member of the ‘tribe’ will benefit from a €30 discount on their pass. For example, rather than paying €324 for a 6-day adult ski pass, this pass will cost €294 with the tribu discount.

FLEX Passes

If you’re looking to buy a ski pass for 4 days or less, your best option is to buy an Adult Day ski pass which ranges from €47 – €224, depending on the number of days. This gives you access to the whole of the Tignes and Val d’Isere ski area. However, if you’re looking to ski for a week, there are a few different options depending on how many days of skiing you would like during the week:

5 Day FLEX Pass: This may be a popular choice for those of our guests not planning to ski on arrival or departure day, and also wanting a mid-way break at some point during their stay (perhaps to book into one of Tignes’ spas or use the leisure facilities). It allows you to ski 5 out of 8 days and have flexibility to choose which days during the week you do or don’t wish to ski. This pass costs €300.

6 Day Adult Pass: Alternatively, if you only have 6 days of skiing available in the week and want to ski every day, we recommend buying the 6-Day Adult pass for €324. This is our most frequently bought pass during the season.

6 Day FLEX Pass: A similar idea to the 5 Day FLEX Pass, apart from the 6-day FLEX pass enables you to ski 6 out of 8 days a week and again choose which of the 6 days you want to ski. This could be the perfect option if you want to ski on the day of your arrival or departure and take a break mid-week in order to rest those ski legs!

Season Pass

For those lucky enough to ski all season round, the Tignes and Val d’Isere season pass is your best bet. This costs €1,430 for adults or €1,144 for children and seniors (see above for age ranges). This allows you to have access to the entire ski area for the whole season from the 18th December 2021 to the 1st May 2022. That’s a lot of powder!

Early Season Pass

The above pass prices are valid from the Saturday 18th December 2021 to Sunday 1st May 2022. However, for guests arriving in resort prior to these dates, there are early season passes available at cheaper prices. The same type of passes (TRIBU, FLEX etc) are also available for pre-season ski passes.

Pre-season passes are available from Saturday 27th November to Friday 17th December 2022.

Carré Neige Insurance

When purchasing a ski pass, you have the option to add snow insurance to your pass for only €3.00 per day. Carré Neige is a specialist insurance policy for snow sports and covers ski and all other winter sports. For further information, click here for a more detailed description of what this snow insurance policy covers.

How to Book Ski Passes with Us

After booking a stay at one of our chalets, guests can simply input which ski passes they would like by logging on to their online portal (“MyBooking Portal”). First, guests will have to input their personal details under the GUESTS tab, including their date of birth, and make sure they select “Yes” for the Ski Pass drop down menu towards the bottom when imputing guest details. Then, go to EXTRAS, and PASSES, and click the ADD button. From here, you will be able to select what pass each guest would like. These costs will then be added to your booking which can be paid via the FINANCE tab, just the same way as when the accommodation was paid for. We will then arrange for the passes to be delivered when you arrive in resort.

Of course, we are always happy to assist you with selecting the correct pass. Please never hesitate to contact our reservations team if you experience any difficulties imputing the lift passes on to your booking, but hopefully this blog will clear up some of the confusion.

If you require any assistance concerning lift pass choices, see our website here, or email our reservations team at info@chaletchardons.com.

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