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Category Archives: On the Slopes…

  1. 10 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate NYE with a Catered Ski Chalet Holiday in Tignes

    Join us as we explore the ten compelling reasons why a catered ski chalet holiday in Tignes with Chalet Chardons is the ideal choice to welcome the New Year in style when the time comes.

  2. How to become a better skier with our top skiing tips

    The best thing skiing is there is always a way to improve your technique. We have compiled for you our top ski tips for the basic techniques that will empower you to become a master of the slopes.

  3. Top Photo Spots in Tignes-Val d’Isere

    We know you have come to Tignes-Val d’Isere to make special memories that will last a lifetime. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the must-see Instagram spots to make your friends jealous.

  4. Our Favourite Touring Routes Winter 2020-21

    Winter 2020-21 was a very different season for us all. While many people were sadly unable to visit the beautiful French Alps this year, the few who did remain in the resort or who were able to visit were left with un-operating ski lifts all winter. However, every grey cloud has a snow-white lining, as…

  5. A Guide to Off-Piste Skiing in Tignes and Val d’Isere

    In the Espace Killy, we are so lucky to have such challenging, unrelentingly steep, interesting and beautiful off-piste skiing which is so accessible and just on our doorsteps. The following off-piste routes are ones that experienced riders from Chardons have done over the years in Tignes Les Brévières. It is by no means a definitive…

  6. A Guide to Snow Parks

    For those of us who do not consider ourselves park rats the park can be a scary and daunting place for any skier/snowboarder. However, with a little guidance and a triple XL Hoodie anyone can enjoy the excitement and thrill offered by this man-made set up. Here are some tips to stay safe and make…

  7. A guide to skiing vocab!

    Essential (and less essential) Skiing Vocab There are lots of words which are only ever heard in a ski resort, so if it’s your first time skiing be prepared for some new and strange vocab. While it’s important to learn the basic terms before navigating a ski resort, there are also some much more nitty…

  8. Q&A: Joe from TDC: The Development Centre, talks ski/board Lessons and their benefits

    Ski and board lessons are not just for beginners: they can be hugely beneficial for even the most advanced skiers. But what can riding lessons in Tignes and Val d’Isere really offer you? We caught up with Joe from TDC: The Development Centre, a ski coaching company in Tignes and Val d’Isere, to ask all…

  9. Fake it ‘Til You Make it: How to Look Good as a Beginner

    Let’s face it, when you’re spending half the time on your bum and being overtaken by someone half your height every two seconds, you’re not going to look that slick as a beginner. But while your skiing skills might be letting you down, there are some things you can do to preserve a bit of…

  10. What to Bring on Your Ski Holiday

    The season is approaching and the excitement is growing day by day. And while your flight might still be a little way off still, packing for a ski holiday is something that cannot be left till the last minute. Especially for those who have never been skiing before, you’ll need to think hard about what…