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Top Photo Spots in Tignes-Val d’Isere

We know you have come to Tignes-Val d’Isere to make special memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to cherish those unforgettable trips than by snapping a quick picture that you can look back on when you return to reality?

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best picture spots on the mountains that will surely have your friends on social media jealous of your incredible ski trip. 

Grand Motte Glacier

The Grand Motte Glacier boasts an impressive height of 3,653 metres; so, it’s no wonder that this glacier has the best views of our alpine winter wonderland. You’ll need to wrap up warm for this one as it tends to get windy this high up, but it’s worth it for the breathtaking views on a clear day. After catching the Les Lanches lift up from Val Claret, just jump on the La Vanoise chair lift. You can then enjoy a pizza and a beer at the picturesque mountain restaurant Le Panoramic before venturing to the very top on the Grande Motte lift.

Eye of the Needle

The Eye of the Needle is a world-famous photo spot that will immediately let your friends know that you are in Tignes. This striking rock formation sits at 2,800m and is the ideal spot for a picnic in the sunshine. Here you can put on your best cheesy grin and snap a smug shot inside the eye for a memory you won’t forget. To get to this spot from Tignes Brevieres, you just need to take the two short gondolas and a chairlift up to Le Lac. From Le Lac, you can then hop onto the Palafour lift. After a speedy ski, you will be greeted by the Aiguille Percée lift which will transport you straight to this magical location.

The Lost Village 

If you’re looking to escape to a fairytale-like place, then The Lost Village is perfect. Hidden by the tree runs in La Daille, this tree house village is the perfect spot for taking a break from the slopes. Climb into the unique tree houses and enjoy your favourite skiing snack whilst you take in the beauty of the wooden structures and swings surrounding you. The climbing features and swings make this the perfect place to bring the little ones for a change of scenery. 

The TIGNES and VAL D’ISERE signs

Of course, no ski holiday is complete without taking a selfie next to the various Tignes and Val D’Isere signs. These impressive signs are located all across Tignes. Whether you want to snap a picture straight off the Aiguille Rouge lift, or further down in Le Lac, or over in Val d’Isere. These signs are sure to add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your next Instagram post. Why not challenge yourself to find them all?! 

Bellevarde Val d’Isere

When venturing into Val d’Isere from Tignes, you must stop to appreciate the beauty of Bellevarde Val d’Isere before carving your way down the epic Olympique. This spot is abundant with benches and sun loungers which make the perfect stop for a sandwich or a break for burning legs. In this location, you will also find love-heart frames that will be perfect for posing inside with friends and family.

Lac de Chevril

You don’t want to miss out on the Lac de Chevril. This landmark is rich with an intriguing history. This dam was built in 1952 and is located in La Boisses. The dam completely submerged the old village and it used to be drained every 10 years so you could see the ruins; however, now the dam can just be inspected by underwater robots. You can take a stroll across the dam for glorious views of the alpine valley, as well as the clear body of icy blue water.

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