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A non-skiers guide to ski holidays in the Espace Killy

The most common response to telling somebody that you’re going on a ski holiday is “you’re going to absolutely love it, I love it, my friends love it, you’ll love it” and as a consequence you join a group ski holiday to Tignes or Val D’Isere. Everybody has already told you that you will love it and the more advanced skiers in your group tell you that they will stay with you and teach you, despite the fact that you have never skied before and they are not qualified instructors.

You go and get all your ski gear and jokingly say “all the gear, no idea”. After a few ski lessons, possibly some falls and a terrible hangover from après ski, you are in no rush to put your skis on again for a day or so. What do you do? Do not panic.

Most people that go skiing do in fact love skiing, or at least learn to love it during their first week. However some of our guests just enjoy doing a few hours per day, or every other day, because they want to experience the more relaxing side of what a ski resort has to offer.

So we at Chardons thought we would put together a summary of the best things to do outside of skiing and snowboarding, which will prove to you that you do not need to ski everyday to enjoy your holiday, there can be so much more to a ski holiday!

Enjoy your chalet experience

At Chalet Chardons we aim to make your experience off the ski slopes as wonderful as possible. A large majority of our chalets are equipped with outdoor hot tubs and an indoor sauna, which are always available for your use. Plus, our hot tubs are situated on the chalets’ balcony to make the most out of the amazing views.

If you do not want to get wet, you can help yourself to freshly made coffee and a piece of daily baked cake whilst reading your book. If you need to work whilst on holiday or want to leisurely browse the internet then you are able to use the chalets free Wi-Fi to your hearts content.

Chalet Panoramique also has a small indoor gym if you want to burn off some of the calories you indulged in the night before or want to continue with your fitness goals without performing death defying stunts on the slopes.

You should treat our chalet hosts as your friends and seek advice from them about the local area. Our hosts are in the resort for a long time and therefore they know what’s going on in the area and what activities are best in light of the weather conditions.

Stay active at the Lagon

If staying in Tignes Les Brevieres, you can use the Gondola to get to Les Boisses where you can then get a free bus to Tignes Le Lac. The lagoon is in Tignes Le Lac and offers free swimming for anyone with a lift pass. There is also a small gym available to use for a small additional charge. You can access the wellness centre which offers different temperature jacuzzis, saunas and rain showers. Both the pool and gym have full length glass windows so that you can look at the spectacular view. The pool is family friendly and has a small indoor slide, however there is lane swimming if you want to take the whole experience a little more seriously.

Use public transport services and head to Tignes Le Lac, Val D’Isere and Val Claret

Tignes Les Brevieres and Val D’Isere offer great transport links. You are able to get a free bus from Les Boisses to Le Lac and then another to Val Claret. Val Claret is another small resort which offers exquisite cafes such ‘The Corner’ and clothing shops. Val Claret homes one of the infamous Coco Ricos après ski sessions. Another option is to get a bus to Val D’Isere.

If you check out the “Whats On in Tignes” section of the Tignes resort website, or via the Tignes app, then you will also find regular markets, music events and other entertainment throughout the season across the whole Espace Killy region.

You can access the Gondola from Les Brevieres to Les Boisses without a ski pass, instead you are given a free pedestrian pass. A pass is given at the entrance of the Gondola. You can use the free shuttle bus service without owning a ski pass.

Do après ski without your skis

Skiing trips are renowned for the ability to party in your ski gear after a day of skiing, commonly known as après. However, you do not need to ski to join in. There are great après spots in Lac, Val Claret and Val D’Isere all of which are accessible by public transport and do not require any skiing, as well as bars in Les Brevieres which often have live music.

You must know that après is like nothing you will have ever experienced before; this is not your standard 4pm pint in your local pub. This is amazing music and an incredible vibe that you will get to share with your family and best friends and will undoubtedly remember for a lifetime.

We will upload a guide to the best apres, coffee spots and eateries in Tignes and Val D’isere soon!

Take advantage of “Le Lac”

Each year, the lake in Tignes Le Lac fully freezes over. Once frozen there is a clear path mapped out so that you can walk over the lake from Le Lac to Val Claret. This walk takes around 30 minutes and has breathtaking views of the mountains. In addition to walking over the lake you can also hire some skates and ice skate on the lake next to Le Lagon. If you are not confident on a pair of ice skates you may want to consider hiring specialist bikes to cycle over the lake.

Evening activities

Take the ride of your life by taking on Palafou! Palafou is a 3km tobogganing slope with a tunnel and a natural slope. This is suitable for children and adults and will guarantee to have you laughing throughout the whole experience. You will need to get your equipment from next to the Palafour chair lift and then take the chair lift up (without any skis).

Alternatively, if you fancy something magical then the Wilderness Camp offered by Evolution 2 could be perfect for you. You will experience a savoyard meal in a stunning yurt whilst socialising by a picture-perfect camp fire. The evening ends with post dinner sledging to Les Brevieres alongside an instructor. Here’s a link to this incredible opportunity: Evolution 2 – Tignes

Adrenaline activities with Evolution 2

Evolution 2 are a fantastic company operating in Espace Killy and will be your go to for any adrenaline activities your heart desires. A few options available are:

• Dog sledging.
• Snow shoeing.
• Paragliding.
• Ice driving.

Be sure to check out this reputable company at: Evolution 2 – Tignes – you will not be disappointed.

This is a basic summary of the alternatives to skiing but there is so much more! If you would like further information about the area and your options then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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