Low cost holidays in Tignes

Two questions our customers ask us are

1) "How can you keep your prices so low?

2) "Is there anything we should know?

This question arises a number of times, so here are some lines on how we do it.

We manage to keep prices low in a number of ways. In general, we try to minimize our costs and then we pass those savings on to you.

  • We have a large number of beds in the resort and, as with any other business, we are able to save money through our purchasing power by negotiating very good deals with our suppliers and owners.
  • We have low overheads as we are an internet-based company with only a modest permanent office in the UK and a small team of uk-based staff all year round.
  • By selling the majority of our vacation directly to our customers, we avoid paying commissions to travel agents or resellers.
  • We do not have a large-scale traditional advertising budget. Instead, we rely on word of mouth and the power of the Internet and social media to enable our customers to contact us
  • Finally, we are a family-run and managed business. We do not have shareholders or banks that are pushing us to make large profits. We love skiing as much as you do and we love helping our customers get the best value for money possible.

Here are some ways to stay out of money:

  • Food and service. All of our products come from quality professional catering suppliers and our chefs are all highly qualified. We pride ourselves on the quality of our catering and employ only mature and experienced staff to manage our chalets rather than the young and unqualified "island cottage/boy" who are often finding the kitchen and cleaning for many large tour operators in the so-called "remiu" chalets.
  • Organization. All our bookings are followed by a computerized booking system and all your emails are registered and available to us at any time, either at the station or from our office.
  • Corporate legal and compliance. We are a uk limited company and have over 20 years of successful trading in Tignes. We carry professional insurance on all our buildings and maintain statutory records and very large amounts of paperwork!
  • Security. Chalet Chardons hotel is registered (type "O H" for those who love French law) and we are required to undergo a full inspection of safety and fire every three years to be allowed to operate. Our fire rating is the highest available for a hotel with less than 100 beds and we have permission to have groups of children staying. We need to do annual inspections of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, gas and electricity systems, heating systems, emergency lighting and all other safety facilities.
  • Customer service. You can be sure to receive a warm and personal welcome from the resort staff. We operate only in Tignes and Val d'Isère, and we are relatively small so your booking means a lot to us, which means we will work very hard to make sure you are happy with your stay. An experienced representative and a French speaker are always at hand if necessary and you can be sure that you will not need a troop at a dingy bar for the "e rep" office hour if you have a problem with something we have an office in the station.

We hope that these points have answered any questions you may have. Contact us if you have anything else to ask us.


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9. Dinner at Chardons NOT RECADED