What does this really mean for a ski holiday?

Brexit - EU and UK

With the majority of our customers coming from the UK, the recent Brexit vote will be of concern to them when it comes to planning a ski holiday in France.



More importantly for the 2018/19 season nothing will change, you will be free to travel as an EU member with a standard British passport.



From the 2019/20 season, there could be a number of changes; the main concern will be the outcome of the negotiations on freedom of movement within the EU, as we are recruiting mainly from the UK. This may mean some changes to the nationality of the staff working in our chalets. That said, we are a UK based company that we market in France via a registered French subsidiary and own our properties within French companies which means that our ability to trade and offer some of the best ski and snowboard holiday prices in the Alps, will remain largely unchanged. Rest assured, this does not mean the end of traditional cottage holidays, but it may mean changes in the way we work.

The owners of Chalet Chardons are all eligible for EU citizenship regardless of the Brexit vote, so we are not affected by future negotiations over our personal rights to work and live in France. We have been in business in France for more than 20 years and we have an experienced team of international accountants, lawyers and tax experts who have been exploring the likely effects of a Brexit vote for many months.

We are now waiting for the outcome of the negotiations between the EU and the UK to see what agreement is reached and then we can start detailed planning on how to proceed. We will, of course, keep our customers informed of our plans.

In the meantime, and certainly for the upcoming winter season, your vacation will be exactly as you have read and love, Chalet Chardons will work as usual. With some of the best snowfall in the world in Tignes and Val d'Isère last year, we are once again looking forward to a great winter season.

Sinceres greetings
The management team at Chalet Chardons.