Meet the Team: Introducing… Josh Richards!

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Our Head of Finance

Role involves:

Heads up all Chardons financial needs for our Anglo-French business. Keeping us in the black and working alongside our professional partners in both the UK and France to make sure we are compliant with a whole plethora of accountancy and legal obligations. Josh is on track for career progression to financial director at Chardons Ltd within the next 2 years.

Josh joined Chardons earlier this year and this winter will be working his first ever ski season. Chardons is excited to have Josh on board, and knows he will bring his rich experience, ranging from working at KPMG – one of the world leading blue-chip accountancy practices – to the setting up and running of his very own accountancy firm.

Ski or Board?


Favourite Chalet?

“Sophia because it was the first chalet I stayed in when I arrived in Brev, and I think it has such cozy communal vibes, as well as beautiful views looking over the whole of the village.”

Favourite thing about Tignes Les Brévières?

“It feels like a rustic French village, compared to the rest of the resort, and has such quaint and beautiful chalets. Les Brevieres also has a nice family feel to it – everyone knows everyone, so it’s great to walk down the road and everyone you see knows you and says hello to you.”

Funniest skiing story?

“My friend and I who had both skied a lot in the past persuaded our other mate who’d never skied to come on a ski holiday with us, with the promise that we were beginners too. We went racing down a red run, only to then look behind us and just see a single ski sticking out of the ground. We then walked back up the mountain to find him off the side of the slope desperately hanging on to a tree branch to stop himself from sliding down that side of the mountain. Between us we helped him back on to the slope, but also spent a fair bit of time laughing at the sight of him clinging on to that tree.”

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