Meet the Team: Introducing… Janine Corbett!

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Our Executive Chef and Head of Supplies

Role involves:

Janine oversees and trains our team of 13 professional chefs each winter, to ensure the food service in every chalet meets our exceptional Chardons standards. Between them, our chefs serve approximately 15,000 breakfasts, afternoon teas, and dinners over the season. Janine also carefully selects and orders linen, appliances, and all the food and drink for our chalets. She also oversees quality control to ensure we are giving our guests the highest standard of accommodation and service.

Chardons has been so lucky to have had Janine for seven seasons in total now, and we’re proud of how she has moved her way up the company to now sit on the management team.

Fun fact:

Janine has cooked in every one of our chalets, with guests remembering her year-on-year, especially for her unmissable Irish wit!

Ski or Board?

“Board, but sometimes attempt to ski…”

Favourite chalet?:

“Boubou Plus because the view from the balcony is especially lovely”

Best Chardons memory?:

“When we used to hold massive BBQs for French university trips, one time someone accidentally double-booked and I ended up with an extra 200 people to cook for right at the last minute, as well as still having to do dinner service in Chardons for 50 clients. Managed to pull it off though in an incredible 20 minutes – such an achievement; I felt like an absolute hero.”

Top tip for the resort?:

“After your final run, go for a drink out on the terrace at the Soli bar or at the top of the Toviere Bubble, and then take the bubble down for an evening of great apres ski – my favourite way to end the day!”

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