Seasonal Lodgings

If you want cheap ski hotel lodgings in the French Alps and to wake up to this snowy view everyday, but are not keen on washing up or table waiting in order to fund it, you may want to do a season or extended holiday in the Chardons hotel as a seasonaire / longstay. Seasonaires and Longstays pay a cheap hotel rate by agreeing to stay for more than one month. Seasonaires and Longstays are very much part of the family in our Tignes hotel.

Tignes view snow mountain

Why be a seasonaire or longstay?

To explain this, it is worth comparing various options for lodgings if you want to do a season skiing and snowboarding in the French Alps.

  • Apartments. Apartments in good ski and snowboard resorts can be rented for about £1000 per bed per season if you fill them to capacity (usually either four or six people), or more if you want extra space by only putting, for example, three people in an apartment for four. It is usually not possible to rent for less than a whole ski and snowboard season as owners will want to make more money renting by the week if they don’t rent for the season. This equates to around £65 per person per week as long as you stay from December till April. On top of this you must add food and bills which will be about £60 per week if you don’t want to live on beans and Weetabix for five months. You have to cook and clean and will be confined to a small space with your flatmates all year. Escaping this in the evenings will mean going to a bar and spending money or visiting other friends in the skiing and snowboarding resort. If you only want to stay a month, things get difficult unless you can find others with an apartment who have room to let you crash on the sofa/floor. On the plus side you have your own space, can put your TV and video games in, can make lots of mess and are usually in the centre of the skiing and snowboarding resort to socialise.
  • Out of ski resort. Lodgings can be found cheaply out of the main skiing resorts. The only advantages are really cheapness and finding more roomy places for the same money. On the downside it will mean a car ride or hitch to the skiing resort each day to ski and snowboard and the usual inconvenience of not being near supermarkets, shops and banks. The nightlife in some of these villages often means having a quiet pint with the local goat herder, or even just the local goat. All the stuff written about apartments otherwise applies. Can be viable if you have a car though many of the old, cheap places have now been converted to luxury chalets with private chauffeurs to ferry clients into the ski resort each day.
  • Seasonal Lodgings. We have a dedicated seasonaire/longstay 6 man room in our main hotel. Food is supplied on the same basis as for guests (breakfast, afternoon tea and a 3 course/banquet style dinner with wine on 6 evenings), there is no washing up or cooking to do each day. You can easily budget your money as you know exactly how much you will be spending each week on  hotel lodgings and food. We are a two-minute walk from the ski lifts so no hitching or driving is needed for skiing and snowboarding. There is plenty of space in the Tignes hotel to escape your room-mates if you need to and there are lots of other like-minded people to socialise with. We give you a reduction on drinks in our bars, which can be a mixed blessing! There will be plenty of other staff, clients and longstays to go snowboarding and skiing with. On the downside, you have to enjoy a communal lifestyle (much like being in student accommodation) and there is often so much going on it can be hard to refuse yet another night in the bar.

What do we offer?

The seasonnaire / longstay offering includes the following:

  • Accommodation in a 6 man bunk bed room
  • Breakfast, afternoon tea and a 3 course/banquet style evening meal with wine supplied 6 nights a week, taken with the other clients
  • Reduced priced drinks for Longstay guests in our bars
  • Advice and help on reducing the cost of equipment hire
  • Use of all our Tignes hotel facilities (WiFi internet, games, hot drinks available throughout the day)
  • All linen and bedding is included
  • Towels can be borrowed for a €10 Euros refundable deposit.

Longstay / Seasonal Rate

2th Dec – 4th May *: €260 Euros per week (that’s equivalent to approximately £230 at today’s exchange rate)

* New Year and February Half Term: An additional €100 Euros supplement for these peak weeks (still far cheaper than the weekly client price for the same accommodation)

Imagery shows various locations of interiors of chalets with the company Chalet Chardons. The imagery is to be used to update their website.9. Dinner at Chardons NOT CROPPED
Imagery shows various locations of interiors of chalets with the company Chalet Chardons. The imagery is to be used to update their website.